Clean water is
the basis of
a healthy life

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Clean water is essential to both healing and maintaining a healthy body.  In a world full of undisclosed toxins our thinking is that good health should begin with clean water.  In the process of finding the most convenient & effective method of cleaning our tap water we found the Megahome Water Distiller was recommended universally as the gold standard of benchtop water distillers.  Our personal experience with this model has verified exactly that and we’re sure you’ll reach the same conclusion.

The Gold Standard in
Benchtop Water Distillers

There is no other benchtop water distiller in Australia that delivers clean, pure distilled water so conveniently & economically.

  • No installation required
  • Automatic shutoff
  • 4 litres in 5.5 hours
  •  316 Grade Stainless Steel on all contact surfaces

Pure Clean Water... Easy

It’s as simple as filling the water distiller, turning it on and waiting for the cycle to complete and the distiller automatically turns off.

It couldn’t be simpler and it’s much better value when compared to buying bottled water.

You won’t have to carry your water back from the supermarket and you’re not creating any waste with plastic water bottles.

Remove Flouride

There’s a lot of misinformation relating to the use of Fluoride in drinking water and if you’ve done your research you’ll know that the basis for mass flouridation is questionable at best. 

Our water distiller removes 100% of the flouride in your tap water.

Remove Chlorine

The interesting thing about Chlorine is that it competes for receptors that your body needs for Iodine.  This can be a problem becuase Iodine is used for in many of the body’s vital functions. 

This water distiller removes 100% of the Chlorine in your tap water.

Remove All Toxins

All of the unwanted toxins in the water supply are completely removed and you’re left with perfectly pure water ready for use.

No pesticides, fertilisers, aluminium or other contaminants.  Just clear drinking water.

Fast Delivery

We'll get your order on the truck as soon as physically possible.  You'll get immediate notifications on your order's shipping status.

12 Month Warranty

This is the best product in it's class and we stand behind it.  We'll make sure you're looked after if there are any issues.  You're covered on all parts & labour.