Welcome to Living Whole

A Little About Us...

We’re an Australian Family that cares about delivering only the best.  Our mission is to make sure our customers are happy so that you’ll recommend us happily to your friends.

We're here because of personal experience.

Everything that you’ll find here at Living Whole is born out of personal experience.  In an effort to maintain our physical & mental wellbeing, we’re only interested in products of the highest quality and reputation.

We started on this journey with the birth of our 1st child.  Being the overprotective 1st time parents that we were, nothing but the best was good enough for our baby.

Little did we know that this would lead down a path that would both shock and educate us.  The result of this is our resolution to make our lives healthier and happier.

Clean water was the beginning of our journey.

We were paying at least $50/week for the best water money could buy in Australia and frankly those costs were getting out of hand, so we decided to see what we could do to clean our tap water.

In the course of our research, we not only discovered how to ensure our water was of the highest quality, but how to improve the other areas of our daily lives.

Here at Living Whole you’ll get real service and support from our company based here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.  We care that you’re happy with our product and we hope you recommend it to your friends. 

We guarantee that you'll be happy with our products.

We know this because we own them and we use them everyday ourselves.  Our products have been extensively tested to make sure that we can stand behind them with complete confidence.

Do you have questions?

When you call us you’ll get an Australian that cares about your business.  We field lots of questions about our products.  No hard sell, just the information you need.