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Do shower filters remove fluoride?

Do Shower Filters remove Fluoride?

If you’re concerned about fluoride exposure from your drinking water, you’ve likely considered investing in a water filtration system. But what about the water you use for bathing and showering? Can shower filter remove fluoride effectively? The short answer is that most don’t. However, there are ways to minimise fluoride absorption as part of a comprehensive approach to reducing fluoride intake.

The Challenge of Fluoride Removal in Shower Filters

Most standard shower filters on the market are designed primarily to reduce chlorine and sediment. They do not capture any fluoride because their filter media is not optimised for efficient, long-lasting fluoride removal.
Fluoride is a highly stable compound that is difficult to filter out consistently without specialised filter media and a long contact time between the water and filter material. In a shower filter where water flows through quickly, there simply isn’t enough contact time for comprehensive fluoride reduction to occur.
This is why many shower purifier filter manufacturers do not claim fluoride removal as a key benefit of their products. While small amounts may be reduced initially, fluoride levels are unlikely to stay low for the lifetime of a standard filter cartridge.

How Do I remove Chlorine from my Shower? – The Sprite High-Output Shower Filter

The Sprite High Output Shower Filter is NSF-certified to reduce chlorine for the full 12-month rated lifespan of the cartridge.
In addition to fluoride, the Sprite filter is certified by the NSF to reduce:
Chlorine by over 95%, heavy metals like lead, rust, dirt, sediment and particulates.
It’s one of the only shower filters on the market that addresses the key areas of concern – chlorine, disinfection byproducts, heavy metals, and particulates – all in a single cartridge. See the installation video here.
While highly effective for a lot of conaminants, it’s important to note that no shower filter can remove 100% of fluoride indefinitely.

Comprehensive Fluoride Reduction Strategies

For those looking to significantly cut fluoride exposure, implementing other proven fluoride reduction methods is advisable:

  • Drinking Water: Installing a best reverse osmosis water filter, water distiller, or gravity water filter for your drinking and cooking water is the most effective way to remove fluoride.
  • Toothpaste: Switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste to eliminate this direct source of ingestion.
  • Diet: Opt for more fresh produce and non-fluoridated beverages like spring water over processed foods and drinks made with fluoridated municipal water.

By implementing multiple fluoride reduction strategies, you can dramatically lower your overall intake and exposure from all major sources: drinking water, dental products, and dietary intake.

The Benefits of Shower Water Filtration

Even if fluoride removal isn’t the primary goal, installing a quality shower filter like the Sprite High Output provides a wealth of other benefits:

Chlorine Reduction: Chlorine vapours are reduced to prevent respiratory irritation and improve air quality.

Less Dry Skin/Hair: With chlorine removed, many experience softer skin and more manageable hair.

Scale Prevention: Filtered water prevents hard water scale buildup on fixtures and surfaces.

Removal of Contaminants: Heavy metals, VOCs, and other toxins are captured by the filter media.

Improved Soap Performance: Chlorine-free water allows soap to lather and rinse more effectively.

So whether you’re focused on fluoride reduction or simply want cleaner, healthier shower water, a high-quality shower purifier filter provides significant benefits for your skin, hair, and overall well-being.

While standard water filtration system for shower may not live up to their fluoride removal claims, the Sprite High Output Shower Filter represents a breakthrough solution for those who want validated reduction of contaminants along with whole-home shower purification. Combined with other fluoride-reducing steps, a quality shower filter is an important part of minimising your overall contaminant exposure.

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