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does distilling water remove chlorine?

Does distilling water remove chlorine?

Clean and safe drinking water is essential for maintaining good health. However, tap water may contain impurities, such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to our health. Water distillation is one of the most effective ways to remove these impurities.

Distillation and Chlorine Removal

In water distillation, the water is heated until it boils and then cooled to make the steam condense back into water. The boiling point of chlorine, which water companies add to kill bacteria, is lower than that of water. This makes it easy to remove, as it “off-gases” into the atmosphere within 24 hours or can be removed by boiling the water for 15 minutes. Megahome distillers have a small hole drilled in the top of the condenser tube to help chlorine gas escape. Megahome Distillers provides chlorine-free water, which is essential for those with compromised immune systems.

Distillation and VOC Removal

VOCs are chemicals found in pesticides, fire retardants, and solvents. They may have a boiling point ranging from 30°C to over 290°C. Distillation removes the VOCs that have a boiling point above 100°C. Anything with a boiling point below 100°C goes through the distiller and is caught by the activated charcoal filter, which is the final stage of purification. Activated charcoal filtration in Megahome distillers absorbs VOCs, ensuring that there are no VOCs in the distilled water. However, the activated charcoal filter sachet needs to be replaced regularly after 28 distillations to maintain its effectiveness.

Common Misconceptions

Many companies that sell water filters say that water distillers don’t get rid of chlorine or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, this is a misconception, as Megahome distillers remove both chlorine and VOCs. The confusion about chlorine removal and VOCs might stem from the fact that some distillers don’t have an activated charcoal filter, which is necessary for VOC removal. Megahome distillers have an activated charcoal filter, making them effective in removing both chlorine and VOCs.

Lets sum it up

Megahome distillers remove both chlorine and VOCs because they use an activated charcoal filter. It is essential to use a reliable water distiller brand like Megahome/Springflow to ensure that the water we drink is safe and healthy. By drinking clean and safe distilled water, we can protect ourselves from environmental toxins and diseases.