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Finding the Best Kitchen Sink Water Filter in Australia

Finding the Best Kitchen Sink Water Filter in Australia

With rising health and environmental consciousness, more Australian households are looking to filter their kitchen tap water. Under sink and countertop filters offer convenient access to cleaner drinking and cooking water right at the sink. Read on for a guide to choosing the best kitchen sink water filtration system for Australian homes.

Popular Filter Types

Several effective options exist for filtering tap water:

Reverse Osmosis Systems: These thorough multi-stage filters connect under sinks to remove contaminants and provide bottled-quality H2O on tap.

Benchtop Water Purifiers: Compact and affordable units sit on your countertop next to the sink for easy access to purified water.

Gravity Water Filters: Utilise gravity to pull water through filter media like activated carbon, delivering crisp-tasting water.

Fluoride Water Filtration: Specialised filters reduce added fluoride from municipal water for those concerned about exposure.

Whole House Systems: Treat all incoming water at the main supply entering your home. More expensive but comprehensive.

Consider Your Needs

Before selecting a kitchen sink water filter for your home, assess:

  • Desired filtration level: Do you need thorough reverse osmosis or a basic sediment filter?
  • Convenience factor: faucet mount, countertop, or under sink system?
  • Budget: Simple carbon filters cost less than advanced reverse osmosis.
  • Filter capacity: enough for just drinking or all cooking uses?

An under sink water purification system or benchtop water purifier may suit a rental apartment. For newly purchased homes, a whole-house system filters water for the entire property.

Quality and Maintenance

Be sure to buy from a reputable brand and follow maintenance guidelines to maximise performance and filter life. With regular filter replacements, an Australian kitchen sink water filter provides a lifetime of fresher, healthier water.