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Installing a Reverse Osmosis System Under Your Sink

Installing a Reverse Osmosis System Under Your Sink

Installing your own under sink reverse osmosis system is a straightforward project that can provide clean, filtered water on tap. Reverse osmosis uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove contaminants like fluoride, pesticides, and other contaminants, providing water quality compared to bottled water right from your faucet. Follow this guide for how to install a reverse osmosis system under your sink.

Planning the Installation

Before getting started, check that you have:

  • The reverse osmosis system and all its parts
  • An area under the sink with access to a water supply line and drain pipe.
  • A 1/4” or 1/8” cold water supply line with a shutoff valve for the RO feed water.
  • A dedicated faucet and mounting hole (or drill to add one) for the RO output.

Installation Steps

Here is an overview of the installation process:

1. Turn off the cold water supply and drain the lines.

2. Mount the RO faucet and piercing saddle valve on the supply line.

3. Attach the drain saddle to the sink drain pipe.

4. Mount the filter housings and RO membrane brackets under the sink.

5. Connect the water supply line to the RO filters.

6. Link the drain tubing running from the RO to the drain saddle.

7. Activate the system and check for leaks. Flush per the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Enjoy your freshly filtered, fluoride-free water!

Helpful Hints

Follow manufacturer instructions closely, keep parts organised, and work slowly to avoid mistakes. Key tips:

  • Don’t overtighten fittings; snug is enough.
  • Arrange tubing neatly without kinks.
  • Sanitise before first use with food-grade bleach.
  • Change pre-filters and membranes per schedule.

With some patience and care, you can successfully install an under sink reverse osmosis system that provides filtered fluoride-free water for all your drinking and cooking needs. No more buying bottled water!

If the maintenance of an under sink reverse osmosis system seems too laborious, a benchtop reverse osmosis system, gravity water filter system, or benchtop water purifier can be convenient alternatives.