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Megahome Water Distiller

Megahome Water Distiller

We can understand your interest in the Megahome Water Distillers. Our journey started with a search for producing pure water economically. We decided on the Megahome based on the reputation the Megahome manufacturers have built over many years and the quality of the distilled water that the Megahome Water Distiller produces.

We found the convenience features like the automatic shutoff at the distillation cycle has completed just one pf the many quality attributes of this water distiller. You may be a little confused between the Springflow brand and the Megahome brand of water distillers.

The Megahome Water Distiller Australia has been developed for certified use in Australia and New Zealand under the Springflow brand. This means this water distiller is certified for Australian electrical standards and connections. The Megahome & Springflow distillers are both manufactured in the same factory to the same standards, the difference being they are shipped with Australian power cords and are suitable for Australian power points.

Megahome Water Distiller Warranty

The Megahome water distiller is supported by a 12 Month (1 Year) warranty on all parts and labour. In our experience very few customers will experience issues with the Megahome/Springflow benchtop water distiller. Our personal unit has been in use for several years running at least twice per day.

Megahome Water Distiller Australia

Stainless Steel Water Distiller Boiling Chamber

The boiling chamber of the Megahome Water Distiller is made from 304 Stainless Steel. 304 Stainless steel is commonly used for food grade production due to it’s excellent anti-oxidisation and anti-corrosion properties This ensures that you will have product that looks great and distils water perfectly over the life of the product.

Carbon Filter Ceramic Nozzle

To get you started distilling water at home, your Megahome/Springflow Water Distiller is shipped witrh 6 actived carbon filter sachets. As the distilled water condenses in the coiling fan unit and drips through the nozzle into the glass collection jug it is filtered by an activated carbon filter sachet that will remove volatile & semi-volatile organic compounds like Chlorine as the final stage of water filtration. The quality of the Megahome distiller is that the nozzle that holds the activated carbon filter sachet is lined with a ceramic insert to ensure the highest quality distilled water.

Water Distiller Descaler and Cleaner

Our Megahome Water Distillers are shipped with a bottle of descaler & cleaner that should be regularly used to ensure the boiling chamber of the water distiller is kept free of a build up of scale form minerals and other contaminants that are removed during the distillation process. By regularly cleaning the boiling chamber, your water distiller will maintain better performance and require less energy.

Glass Collection Jug for the Megahome Water Distiller

Considering the entire water distillation process takes approximately 5.5 hours we consider it essential that you distilled water is collected and stored in glass containers. The 4 litre glass collection jug that is supplied with your Megahome Water Distiller is well designed and can easily hold the 4 litres of distilled water that is produced.

Distilled water has a neutral pH

Immediately after distillation, distilled water should have a pH of approximately 7. Due to the fact that your distilled water will begin to absorb carbon dioxide from it’s surroundings the pH will reduce to a slightly acidic pH of 5-6.

Which is the best water distiller?

This is a question that we get quite often and although we do sell the Megahome water distiller licensed in Australia under the brand Springflow, we can happily stand by the quality of this water distiller from several perspectives. The Megahome benchtop water distiller has been built in Taiwan using the same design for a very long time.

We can attest to the build quality purely based on the fact that out customers are very satisfied with both the longevity of this excellent distilled water machine but also the quality of the distilled water you are able to make at home. There are many cheap imitations on the market that sell for a fraction of the price, but I can tell you from personal experience and the experience of our customers that the Megahome water distiller is built to last.

How does a water distiller work?

Steam rises from the surface of the boiling water leaving behind heavy metals, dissolved solids and other impurities, killing any bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium and giardia. These remain in the boiling chamber as a residue which is easily removed by the cleaning crystals supplied with your steam distiller.

The steam rises to the top of the boiling chamber, entering the fan-cooled stainless steel cooling duct. This turns the steam back into water. Although this water is now classified as pure, your Steam Distiller includes a post-filtration filter (good for one month) as a final precaution to remove any residues of organic chemicals. The filter is needed to remove the final residue of chemicals and volatile organic compounds such as chlorine which may rise with the steam.

Does distilling water remove Fluoride?

Distilling your water with a quality stainless steel water distiller does remove the Fluoride and many other contaminants that are often found in tap water that can be harmful to your health. A quality home water distiller will remove pretty much everything from your water except for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds like Chlorine.

What cannot be removed from water when distilling?

Water distillation will typically remove all of the dissolved solid materials in the water. Biological contaminants are also killed due to the boiling of the water during distillation. As a general rule of thumb, any organic compounds that have a higher boiling point than water will be removed effectively as they are not evaporated and condensed and will be left in the boiling chamber after distillation. Organic compounds that have a lower boiling point than water will need to be removed prior to collection.

Is distilled water safe to drink?

According to distilled water is safe to drink and when filter correctly it can be considered pure H2O. Correctly distilled water will have a slightly flat taste that will be unlike filtered or tap water because minerals like calcium, sodium & magnesium have been removed. There are many schools of thought on drinking distilled water over sustained periods so if you are concerned you should consult a health professional.