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Mockmill Australia
Mockmill Australia

The Mockmill Australia range of grain mills are best known for their quality components and innovative design.  The Mockmill Australia grain mills have been individually designed and manufactured in Germany by Wolfgang Mock.  For those of you who may not know who Wolfgang Mock is, he’s been a highly respected grain mill designer for over 30 years and is considered to be the industry forefather of high quality grain & flour mills.

Mockmill Australia Stone Grain Mills
Exceptional Taste & Nutrition Mockmill Australia

Mockmill Australia is about getting back to the roots of good food and healthy living.  In order for flour to sit on supermarket shelves for long periods, the manufacturing process removes the majority of the elements that give wholegrain it’s unique flavour and nutritional properties.  When you begin to use freshly ground flour in your baking, it’s a world of difference that can only be experienced.

The Mockmill Australia Philosophy

Mockmill Australia are dedicated to making home-milled whole grain flour available to every household and they’ve been on this mission for over 40 years.  The Mockmill grain mills we sell here in Australia are engineered and manufactured in Germany by Wolfgang Mock GmbH. Each new grain mill from Wolfgang Mock is the result of 1000s of hours of thought, drafting, prototyping, trials, testing and retesting.

Every mockmill uses precision engineered, corundum-ceramic mill stones. The milling stones are self-sharpening, nearly as hard as diamonds, and if treated correctly, they will last a lifetime. The industrial strength electric motors fitted in the Mockmill Australia grain mills use only the highest quality components.  The grain grinder motors have been engineered to run smoothly & quietly. Most importantly the Mockmill motors are designed to provide a long, maintenance-free life.

Each standard Mockmill we sell in Australia comes with a 6-year warranty on material and manufacturing defects for private use. The professional models come with a 12-year warranty for private use and a 2-year warranty for commercial use. 

Corundum-Ceramic Milling Stones - Mockmill Australia

Mockmill Australia Grain Mill Comparison Table

ModelOutputMotorHopper CapacityMill StoneHousingWarrantyPrice

Mockmill 100
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100 grams / minute360 Watts1,000 grams90mm
(Made from renewable materials)
6 Years$690.00
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Mockmill Professional 200
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200 grams / minute600 Watts1,300 grams90mm
Wood and Arboblend®12 Years (Domestic)
2 Years (Commercial)
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