• Water Distiller Carbon Filter Sachets

Activated Carbon Filter Sachets

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Pack of 12 distiller carbon filter sachets used to remove the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as Chlorine in the final stage of filtration with your water distiller. Advanced activated carbon filters for water distillers and high-performance charcoal filters for water distillers. The distiller charcoal filters with activated charcoal for distillers remove impurities, contaminants, odours, and tastes, leaving only pure, refreshing distilled water.

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1 review for Activated Carbon Filter Sachets

  1. Tracey Zerna

    Absolutely can’t live without our Spring Life water distiller. We have just had to replace our older one and this new one arrived in under a week! Such beautiful, fresh, clean tasting water. No way you’d drink tap water again after trying distilled water.

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