• Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 4 Stage
  • Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with Alkalising Filter 4 Stage

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with Alkaliser – 4 Stage

Enhanced bench top water filtration water filtration efficiency with our new 4 Stage countertop reverse osmosis system with Alkalising filter stage.

Our efficient 3 stage reverse osmosis system improves upon filtration performance through the use of larger, high capacity filter cartridges. This countertop RO filter system effectively reduces a wide array of water contaminants.  As far as RO water filters go, this Reverse Osmosis system is hard to beat.

  • Chlorine and dissolved solids are reduced through a sediments filter and activated carbon block filter.
  • Fluoride removal, bacteria, parasites, viruses, pesticides, and heavy metals are removed by the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Inorganic chemicals are further decreased through a final carbon filter polishing stage.
  • Final stage alkalising and re-mineralising filter that raises pH and lowers Oxidation Reduction Potential.

Our new alkalising reverse osmosis system achieves excellent filtration efficiency and capacity whilst delivering purified water with significantly reduced dissolved solids, chemicals, particulates, and pathogens all whilst producing excellent tasting alkalised water.

  • Carbon Pre-Filter (Made in USA)- Removes particulate matter, chlorine and other organic pollutants for membrane protection.
  • Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane (Made in USA) screens to 0.0005 micron, filtering viruses, bacteria and parasites. Repels heavy metals and removes fluoride and hydrocarbons.
  • Carbon Post-Filter (Made in USA) is a polishing filter results in great tasting, pure water.
  • Alkalising Filter (Made in USA) is for raising the pH and lowering the Oxidation Reduction Potential.
  • Twist-Off’ cartridges ensures a simple, hygienic, no mess method of changing the filters when necessary.
  • No mains plumbing required – the countertop reverse osmosis water filter simply attaches to your existing kitchen top/aerator using the included fittings.
  • Maximum Filter output: approximately 380 litres per day
  • Built using only high quality NSF certified components
  • Micron Rating: 0.0005 micron
  • Dimensions: 340W x 170H x 160D mm
  • Built using only high quality NSF certified components
  • Fully portable
  • 5 year warranty

You can find details on replacement filters here.  Due to the excellent filtration the flow rate is generally slow and the filter is usually best coupled with some form of storage so that you have high quality filtered water on demand.

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $430.00. inc. GST


Certified Countertop Water Filtration

This system meets the WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking water treatment unit – Plumbing requirements.
Certificate Number 23124.

WaterMark Certification
NSF Certification

Replacement Filter Cartridges for
4 Stage Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System

1st & 3rd Stage Omnipure Carbon Filter Blocks

The system requires 2 of these cartridges to be replaced every 12 months.

2nd Stage Omnipure Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane

The system requires 1 these cartridges to be replaced every 3-6 years dependent on water quality.

4th Stage AlkHydrate Alkalising & Remineralising Cartridge

The system requires 1 these cartridges to be replaced 2 years.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 4 Stage Component Diagram

4 Stage Countertop RO Filter Components

  • 1 – Carbon Pre-Filter (Made in USA)
  • 2 – RO Membrane (Made in USA)
  • 3 – Carbon Post Filter (Made in USA)
  • 4 – Alkaliser Filter (Made in USA)
  • A – Diverter
  • B – 1/4” white tube – food grade
  • C – Pressure Gauge
  • D – 1/4” black tube – food grade
  • E – 1/4” blue tube – food grade

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions34 × 16 × 17 cm


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