• Doulton Single Under Sink water filter Ultracarb

Doulton Single Under Sink Water Filter Ultracarb

  • Removes up to 99.9% chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, particulates, and bacteria
  • Retains all beneficial minerals
  • Enhances taste/odour
  • Perfect for town water, rain water, bore water, river water
  • Filter life of the included Doulton Ultracarb: 5,000 litres
  • Filter made in UK
  • Handbuilt in Australia from high-quality materials that are designed to last
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Easy to maintain with replacement filters readily available and fitted quickly
  • NSF certified (ANSI 61)
  • Meets WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998

Our single under sink water filter system uses the well industry leading Doulton Ultracarb® filter cartridge manufactured in the UK for high-performance filtration. NSF and WaterMark certified means you can be assured that this water filter has been tested against the highest standards.

This robust 3-stage filtration provides mechanical, adsorptive and ion exchange purification in one integrated cartridge.

Additionally, the Ultracarb can be scrubbed clean and reused to extend its lifespan. The multi-faceted filtration of the Ultracarb coupled with reusability makes it ideal for our single Doulton under sink water filter.



  • Maximum flow rate: 3.5 litres per minute
  • Filter output: 4,000 litres
  • 5 Year warrnaty
  • Micron rating: 0.9 micron
  • Dimensions: 15(W) x 30(H) x 13(D) cm


Advanced Three-Stage Filtration with the Doulton Ultracarb® Cartridge

The Doulton Ultracarb® cartridge utilizes a unique triple filtration process for comprehensive water purification:

Stage 1 – Outer Ceramic Shell: Manufactured from Sterasyl® ceramic material that provides sub-micron filtration, removing fine particulates, bacteria, cysts, and turbidity. Silver within the ceramic shell inhibits microbial growth.

Stage 2 – Inner Carbon Block Core: Contains high-grade, NSF-certified coconut shell activated carbon that adsorbs chlorine, organic compounds, and improves taste/odor. Extensively tested to NSF protocols.

Stage 3 – Ion Exchange Resin: Further reduces dissolved heavy metals including lead.

By combining mechanical filtration, adsorption, and ion exchange into one integrated cartridge, the Ultracarb® delivers robust, multi-faceted water purification. Its proprietary Sterasyl® ceramic shell coupled with premium coconut shell carbon block ensure optimal filtration performance. It also effectively reduces PFOA and PFOS to below the stringent NSF 53 safety limit with results backed by an independent laboratory  (see test report here).


NSF Watermark certified

NSF Watermark certified

Replacement filter can be found here.


Choose the tap for your under sink water filter

Retro with High Loop $0.00 Spring Loaded Black Lever Chrome +$12.00 Metro with High Loop Chrome +$15.00 Antique with High Loop +$15.00 Fin with Long Reach +$20.00 Mode with high Loop +$30.00 Euro with High Loop +$50.00 Euro with Long Reach +$50.00

$323.00 inc. GST

SKU: IT4187 Category:


Certified Countertop Water Filtration

This system meets the WaterMark specification AS/NZS 3497:1998 Amdt 1 2001 Drinking water treatment unit – Plumbing requirements.
Certificate Number 23124.

WaterMark Certification
NSF Certification
Doulton Single Under Sink water filter Ultracarb component diagram

Doulton Single Under Sink Water Filter Components

  • A – Duolton Ultracarb Filter Cartridge
  • 1 – Housing Sump
  • 2 – Housing Cap
  • 3 – Stainless Steel Bracket
  • 4 – Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)
  • 5 – John Guest Elbow (with red clips)
Doulton Single Under Sink water filter Ultracarb diagram

Choose Your Under Sink Water Filter Tap

All our under sink water filter taps feature a chrome finish and include a base plate and connection fittings.
* Please Note: the width (W) refers to the dimension from the centre line of the tap body to the centre of the spout.

Chrome Spring Loaded Faucet with Black Lever

Spring Loaded with Long Reach

Standard Spring Loaded faucet with black lever, in a long reach design.

200mm W x 210mm H

Chrome Mode Faucet with High Loop


Standard Mode faucet in a high loop design.

150mm W x 290mm H

Chrome Retro Faucet with High Loop and Long Reach


Standard Retro faucet in a high loop design and long reach.

125mm W x 235mm H

Chrome Euro Faucet with Long Reach

Euro with Long Reach

Standard Euro faucet in a long reach design.

150mm W x 230mm H

Chrome Euro Faucet with High Loop

Euro with High Loop

Standard Euro faucet in a high loop design.

150mm W x 230mm H

Chrome Metro Faucet with High Loop


Standard Metro faucet in a high loop design.

160mm W x 250mm H

Chrome Antique Faucet with High Loop


Standard Antique faucet in a high loop design.

125mm W x 235mm H

Chrome Fin Faucet with Long Reach


Standard Fin faucet in a long reach design.

135mm W x 250mm H

Scrub Clean and Reuse

The Doulton Ultracarb® filter cartridge can be washed and reused

If the flow rate slows, simply scrub clean under cold, running water with a clean sponge or brush.

Why is Doulton enjoying so much trust worldwide?

Founded in 1826, Doulton® has been a trusted partner for many manufacturers of best benchtop water filter, gravity water filter and under sink water filter. With a long history of producing stoneware and ceramic products, the British company has been crafting innovative water filters since the 19th century. Doulton was granted a Royal Warrant in 1901 by King Edward VII, which set their reputation for excellence. Their advanced ceramic technology, combining porous ceramic shells, activated carbon, and silver impregnation, ensures comprehensive multi-stage filtration. Doulton’s filters are celebrated for durability, sustainability, and global recognition, incorporating a legacy of quality that has gained the trust of consumers worldwide.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions16 × 13 × 32 cm


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