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Doulton Sterasyl Silver Impregnated Ceramic Microfilter 2.5″ x 9″

Royal Doulton’s Sterasyl filter has a lifetime of 12 months or 10,000 litres, making it one of the most long-lasting gravity filters available. Scrub clean under running water for extended filter life. This filter employs a multi-stage filtration system to provide water purification through several mechanisms:

  • Particulate filtration down to 0.9 microns absolute catches particles, sediment, and turbidity. This high level of filtration ensures the removal of particulate contamination.
  • Absolute filtration rating of 99.99% at 0.9 microns and nominal filtration rating of 99.9% at 0.5 micron helps reduce harmful bacteria and protozoan cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium.
  • Activated carbon filtration stage aids in reducing chlorine and certain organic contaminants.
  • Silver impregnation integrated into the ceramic walls provides enhanced defence against against microbiological growth
  • Suitable for our Doulton Triple Undersink Water Filter
  • Removes 99.99% E.coli and Vibrio Cholerae (Cholera)
  • Removes 99.999% shigella, salmonella, giardia and cryptosporidium

The Sterasyl has undergone testing based on standards from the World Health Organization as well as national laboratories in over 50 countries. While no single water filter can remove every potential contaminant, Royal Doulton’s Sterasyl filter provides multiple barriers and mechanisms for significantly improving water quality and safety. Customers can have confidence that this gravity filter system can deliver reliably clean, filtered water for a range of applications.

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