• Doulton Twin Under Sink water filter with fluoride removal and alkaliser

Doulton Twin Under Sink Water Filter with Fluoride Removal and Alkaliser

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The Doulton Twin under sink water filter provides a high-quality, affordable option for water filtration for both the home and office. This under counter water filter system is designed excellent water purification, convenient installation and use:

  • 3 stage filtration process combines fluoride removal ,organic chemical and particulate reduction followed by an alkalising and mineralising stage.
  • Compact housing fits discreetly under the sink, keeping counters clutter-free.
  • Under sink filter system connects to a separate chrome tap  installed beside your existing sink fixture for easy filtered water access.

The first stage uses a fluoride filter cartridge to selectively adsorb fluoride ions, helping reduce concerning levels of fluoride often present in town and city water supplies.

The second 0.5 micron Ultracarb® carbon block filter polishes the water by removing organic chemicals, chlorine taste and odor, particulates, and microorganisms.


With its simplified dual-filter process, the our Doulton® Twin Undersink fiolter with fluoride removal delivers cost-effective yet highly effective filtration in a discreet, space-saving setup.

1st Stage of Filtration: Fluoride Reduction

The first filtration stage in the Doulton under sink system uses a specialised fluoride removal cartridge containing a high-purity aluminum oxide media.

This adsorbent filter media is made from the same crystalline mineral corundum that rubies and sapphires consist of. Through a selective adsorption process, fluoride ions chemically bond to the media’s oxidized surface sites as water passes through.

With an extremely porous structure, the media provides an abundant 200 square meters of adsorption surface area per gram. This maximizes contact between the passing water and the media, allowing for thorough fluoride removal.

The high-purity corundum media, with its vast adsorptive surface area and selective binding affinity for fluoride, enables robust stage one fluoride reduction within the Doulton system.

2nd Stage of Filtration: Doulton Ultracarb

The second filtration stage in the Doulton undersink system utilizes the Ultracarb® cartridge, which combines mechanical and adsorptive filtration:

Outer Ceramic Shell:

  • Manufactured from Doulton’s Sterasyl® ceramic with submicron pores that mechanically filter out particulates, bacteria, cysts, and turbidity.
  • Incorporates trace silver for bacteriostatic properties to inhibit microbial growth.

Inner Carbon Block Core:

  • Made from dense, extruded NSF-tested coconut shell carbon that adsorbs chlorine, chloramines, tastes/odors, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • Achieves NSF certification for reduction of chlorine/taste/odor and emerging contaminants.

The dual-action mechanical and adsorptive filtration of the Ultracarb® cartridge provides robust stage two polishing to produce clean, great-tasting water.

The Doulton Ultracarb® water filter’s versatile design allows it to improve water quality from various sources:

  • Rainwater tanks
  • Rivers or lakes
  • Well or bore water
  • Municipal tap water

Whether dealing with untreated natural sources or treated public supplies, the Ultracarb® can provide enhanced filtration.

And this filter can be cleaned and reused multiple times. To extend its lifespan, simply scrub the Ultracarb® under cold running water using a new cleaning pad or brush. This will remove built-up particulate accumulated on the outer ceramic shell.

With its ability to handle diverse water sources and be refreshed for continued use, the Doulton Ultracarb® offers flexible filtration across many applications.  For optimal performance, it is recommended that the Doulton Ultracarb® filter cartridge be replaced approximately every 6 to 12 months.

3rd Stage: Alkaline Filtering with AlkaHydrate

The third filtration stage in the system utilizes AlkaHydrate media to remineralise and alkalize the purified water. This process provides multiple benefits:

  • Raises pH to produce alkaline, mineral-rich water.
  • Adds antioxidants and dissolved oxygen for improved taste.
  • Emits far-infrared rays to restructure water clusters, enhancing cellular hydration.

By passing through the AlkaHydrate media, the filtered water becomes remineralized and its pH shifts to a slightly alkaline level. The resulting antioxidant-rich, alkaline water has enhanced taste and increased bioavailability and absorption by the body’s cells. The multi-stage filtration process concludes with restructured, mineral-infused alkaline water ready for drinking.


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