• Filteroo Carbon Block Replacement Cartridge 8 inch

Filteroo® 8″ Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridge Twin Pack

  • Ideal for Rain water & Town water
  • Removes Chlorine, Chloramine, Lead, Bacteria & Cyst
  • Retains all essential minerals
  • 200mm (8″) high x 60mm wide in diameter
  • Great for installation into gravity water filters
  • Independently tested and certified
  • Slow flow for longer contact time and best results
  • Comes in a pack of 2 filters

$149.99 inc. GST


Pure, Mineral-Rich Water with Carbon Block Filtration

The Filteroo® 8″ Carbon Block Cartridge provides high-performance filtration to remove contaminants while retaining healthy minerals in your gravity-filtered water.

This cartridge is designed to fit all Filteroo® gravity water filtration systems using a standard 12.5mm thread.

Ideal for rainwater tanks or town water, the dense activated carbon block reduces the impurities that can enter water supplies. This includes common problems like:

  • Chlorine, chloramine, and THMs
  • Bacteria, cysts, and other pathogens
  • Herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals
  • Lead and heavy metals from old plumbing

The outer carbon shell also repels sediment and particulates while allowing beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium to pass through. This means you get contaminant-free water without stripping away the healthy minerals your body needs.

Made from only the highest quality carbons under strict quality control, the Filteroo® block filter is independently certified to give you peace of mind.

Treat your family to cleaner, fresher water with the mineral-retaining power of carbon block filtration from Filteroo®.

Test Results Filteroo Carbon Block 8 inch

Unrivalled Quality and Performance

What makes the Filteroo® Carbon Block Cartridge truly unique is the unparalleled quality and manufacturing that deliver unmatched filtration performance.

Constructed using only the purest source of carbon available, our precisely engineered block filters maximise contaminant contact time. This allows for exceptionally broad-spectrum contaminant reduction certified at the highest rates.

The carbon itself is compressed under extreme pressure to create a dense block of micropores tailored for adsorbing water impurities while retaining essential minerals.

We recommend replacing your cartridge as per the testing table or every 12 months, whichever comes first.





Maintaining Your Filteroo® Cartridge

Replacing cartridges annually or as required keeps your system performing optimally. Filteroo® cartridges are designed for easy and quick changes.

Over time, sediments in water can clog the exterior and slowing the flow rate. To restore a full flow, simply backflush the cartridge by following the included backwashing instructions. This dislodges the built-up sediment.

If the water flow remains slow after backwashing, gently scrub the cartridge exterior under running water using a clean 100-grit sandpaper. Take care not to contaminate the interior thread or internal filter material. Wash hands before handling.

Never use detergents, chemicals, or unclean scouring pads during cleaning, as this risks contamination. Gloves can minimise skin contact.

When left unused for over 3–4 days, run 1 litre of water through before drinking to flush the system.

With proper maintenance like backwashing and replacing as needed, your Filteroo® cartridge will continue to deliver optimised water flow and filtration for many years.


Installing a Filteroo® Rain & City Water Gravity Carbon Block Filter Cartridge is easy when you follow these steps:

1. Before starting, wash your hands to keep everything clean. Try to avoid touching the cartridge directly during installation. Wearing gloves can help.

2. Place one sealing washer over the threaded stem on the bottom of the cartridge.

3. Insert the threaded stem through the hole in the upper housing chamber. Secure it with a wing nut, hand-tightening only. Do not overtighten.

4. Make sure the outlet tap is closed before filling the upper chamber with cold water.

5. Let the water filter down into the lower section. Discard this first batch of filtered water, as it may contain loose carbon particles.

6. Some harmless black carbon dust may initially flush out. This will stop quickly with use.

7. Open the outlet tap and let the water flow to waste over several hours to flush the cartridge.

8. Refill the upper chamber and repeat the flushing process two more times until the water runs clear.

Your Filteroo® cartridge is now ready for use! Following these simple steps ensures proper installation and primes the filter for optimal performance.

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 25 cm


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