• Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Replacement Cartridge

Filteroo® Max Fluoride Removal Gravity Water Filter Cartridge Twin Pack

  • Ideal for town water
  • Fits Filteroo® Superoo 16L Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter
  • Removes up to 97% of Fluoride
  • Polishes up the water
  • Lifespan of 2000 litres or 12 months
  • Slow flow for longer contact time and best results
  • Comes  in a pack of 2 filters


Remove Fluoride and Other Contaminants with Filteroo® MAX

The Filteroo® MAX fluoride removal cartridge is specially designed to work with the Superoo gravity water filter, effectively reducing fluoride and other pollutants from your drinking water.
The MAX hangs directly from the outlet of the 8″ carbon block cartridge, taking advantage of the slow gravity flow to maximise contact time with its premium media. This allows for thorough filtration as water trickles through both cartridges.
Made in the USA by filtration experts Omnipure, the MAX reliably removes up to 97% of fluoride and some heavy metals. It also polishes up the water for pure and refreshing taste.

$154.99 inc. GST


Filter Life

A single Filteroo® MAX fluoride removal cartridge reliably filters up to 2000 litres of water before requiring replacement. Running two MAX cartridges together in your Filteroo® stainless steel gravity water filter system doubles the lifespan, providing up to 4000 litres of fluoride-free water.
With typical daily usage, this translates to over 10 litres of filtered water each day for a year. For optimal performance, we recommend replacing the MAX cartridges annually or after filtering 2000 litres, whichever comes first.
The MAX’s impressive capacity and water production ensure you get the most out of each cartridge. Trust it to keep your Filteroo® system running at peak filtration for clean, fresh-tasting water all year long. 

How to Install and Flush Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Cartridge by Omnipure

How To Preflush your Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Cartridge By Omnipure

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 25 cm


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