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Flocker by Waldner Biotech- Hand Driven Grain Roller

This beautifully crafted grain roller is of exceptionally high quality, manufactured in Austria from sustainable Ash timber. Rolled Oats and More.

$565.00 inc. GST



Start your mornings off right with the Flocker, the ultimate grain roller for homemade porridge and muesli. This easy-to-use device securely clamps to your countertop, allowing you to freshly roll oats, wheat, rye, and other grains in seconds. The Flocker’s adjustable rollers let you customise the thickness of your flakes, unlocking the full flavour and nutritional benefits of your grains. By preparing your own rolled grains daily, you can ensure your breakfasts are fresh, wholesome, and delicious. Ditch the processed cereals and enjoy nutritious homemade porridge and muesli with the simple, high-quality Flocker grain roller.

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Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions10 × 11 × 27 cm


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