• Megahome Water Distiller Australia
    • Glass Jug for Megahome Water Distiller
    • Activated Carbon Filter Sachets
    • Descaler and cleaner for water distiller
    • BPA Free Plastic Jug for Megahome Water Distiller

    Manufactured by Megahome. Licenced & marketed in Australia & New Zealand as Springflow.

    Megahome Water Distiller Australia

    (14 customer reviews)

    The Megahome Water Distiller by Springflow is the best benchtop water distiller in Australia.  This is the most durable, well built, water distiller on the market and if you’ve done your research you’ll already know it’s reputation.  Enjoy this high quality Stainless Steel water distiller as it easily removes the Fluoride from your water.

    It’s simple to use, easy to clean, portable and conveniently produces the cleanest drinking water at home for around 24 cents per litre.  If you’re ready to buy a water distiller in Australia and get excellent customer service, you can’t beat the Megahome Water Distiller.

    No installation required.  Just fill up, plug in and turn on.

    • Perfect for cleaning water from your town supply, tank or bore water
    • Produces 4 litres in 5.5 hours (approx. 24c/L)
    • Automatic shut off once the cycle has completed
    • Includes a 4 litre glass jug or BPA Free Plastic Jug for collection
    • Includes a 6 month supply of Activated Carbon Filter sachets to remove any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds.  eg. Chlorine)
    • Includes a descaler and cleaner to keep the water distiller working at maximum efficiency
    • Easily removes all toxins including fluoride & chlorine
    • High grade Stainless Steel exterior finish
    • High grade Stainless Steel under lid
    • High grade Stainless steel boiling chamber
    • High grade Stainless steel cooling coil
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • FREE DELIVERY for a limited time

    This is the Megahome water distiller licenced for the Australian market under the Springflow brand.  This is the exact model that is trusted and used by Doctors, Dentists & Vets to make distilled water in Australia. 


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    Megahome Water Distiller Product Description

    The water distiller will remove 100% of the toxins and pollutants listed below:

    • Chlorine
    • Flouride
    • Lead
    • Aluminium
    • Cadmium
    • Arsenic
    • Sodium
    • Hardness
    • Pesticides
    • Herbicides
    • Nitrate
    • Organics
    • Phosphates
    • Sediment
    • Bacteria
    • Giardia
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Viruses
    • Sulphates

    When distilling the water temperature is raised to boiling point which then produces steam and it evaporates form the surface of the water.  The evaporation process removes organic dissolved solids, heavy metals and many other contaminants in the water.

    The boiling and evaporation process will remove bacteria, viruses, gardia and cryptosporidium.  These waste products will remain in the boiling chamber and can be easily cleaned using the descaler & cleaner supplied with your Megahome Water Distiller.

    As the water evaporates it rises to the top of the boiling chamber and enters the stainless steel cooling coils.  In the cooling coils the fan unit helps accelerate the coiling of the steam as it condenses back into water.  The condensed water will now begin to drip into the glass or BPA free plastic collection jug via the nozzle.

    The water distiller nozzle is lined with a ceramic insert that holds the supplied activated carbon filter sachets and is the final stage of water filtration.  The activated carbon filter sachets should be replaced every month and are there to be used to remove an volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds such as Chlorine that have a lower boiling point than water.

    Megahome Water Distiller Australia by Springflow Distillation Diagram
    Megahome Water Distiller Australia - Distillation Process

    Distillation Time:
    Produces 4 litres of pure water in 5.5 hours

    Carbon Filter Lifetime:
    Each Carbon Filter Sachet lasts for a maximum of 30 days

    Power Usage:

    Safety Standard:
    Model MH943/S has passed CE & AS/NZS 3350 Safety Standard.  Approved for Medical Use.


    Unit Type:
    Distilled Water Machine

    Water Distiller Package Contents

    Megahome Water Distiller
    Megahome Water Distiller Australia sold as Springflow
    Megahome Water Distiller Springflow Package Contents
    Megahome Water Distiller Australia - Package Contents

    Why Choose the Megahome/Springflow Water Distiller

    • The Megahome Water Distiller is the original benchtop water distiller that has been copied many times by cheap imitations that can’t compete with the build quality and output of the Megahome Water Distiller.
    • The boiling chamber and cooling coils are made from 304 stainless steel.   The carbon filter sachet nozzle is lined with a ceramic insert and the distilled water is collected in a glass or BPA free plastic collection jug.
    • The distilled water that the Megahome Water Distiller produces is consistently purer than it’s competitors.  Using a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter you’ll find that Megahome/Springflow consistently produces excellent results.
    • Includes activated carbon filter sachets, descaler & cleaner & Australian power cords.
    • Australian warranty support & repairs means your water distillers warranty is covered locally.

    Free & Fast Shipping

    We’ll get your water distiller shipped out as soon as possible.  Once your order has left the warehouse we’ll send you the tracking information for the delivery.

    Water Distiller 12 Month Warranty

    The water distiller is supported by an Australian 12 month warranty covering all parts & labour.

    How To Make Distilled Water

    Using the home water distiller is the easiest way to make distilled water.  Simply fill the boiling chamber to the full marker on the inside of the water distiller.  Fit the head unit securely on top of the the distilled water machine. Switch on the power on the side of the unit and position the glass collection jug under the nozzle and in 5.5 hours you will have approximately 4 litres of distilled water.

    How to clean you Water Distiller

    Cleaning your water distiller is very easy.  In the water distiller package you’ll receive a descaler & cleaner that can be used to remove the build of scale on the inside of the boiling chamber of your water distiller.  The best things to use to clean your  water distiller are Citric Acid or Sulfamic Acid (Food Grade). 

    • Fill the water distiller until the built up scale on the inside of the boiling chamber is covered.
    • Add approximately 1 tablespoon of the supplied Citric Acid or Sulfamic Acid.
    • Connect the water distiller to the mains power and turn on.
    • Ensure that you leave the coiling head unit off so that the water is just boiling away.
    • Leave to boil for 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on how much scale you have.
    • Turn off the water distiller and empty the water.
    • Wipe out the boiling chamber and rinse with clean water.
    • If you find that you still have some scale on the inside of your boiling chamber, simply repeat the process once again.
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    Additional information

    Weight3.2 kg
    Dimensions40 × 23 × 36 cm
    Collection Jug

    Glass Collection Jug, BPA Free Plastic Collection Jug

    14 reviews for Megahome Water Distiller Australia

    1. Rob Goldsack

      Only had mine a month but very impressed. I actually drink more water, it is very different from the tap water in Sydney! I would highly recommend this. Easy to use.

    2. Jill Mckay

      I have been using the distiller for about 6 weeks now, I run it approximately once a day for myself and I am so pleased with the quality & taste of the water. Perth local water has a nasty taste that I have always struggled with and the distiller completely removes this. The water tastes fresh & clean, no chemical or after taste, it’s delicious. I am now drinking more water than ever. This distiller is worth every penny and I have no regrets at all buying it. I definitely recommend to anyone wanting fresh clean drinking water.

    3. Will

      If a 6-star rating was an option, it still wouldn’t be high enough, so I’ll have to settle for the 5-star option! In a world of inauthentic/dying human-to-human customer service, speaking to Brett was truly a breath of fresh air (with fresh water on the way!). While I’ve only just now placed my order for the Megahome/Springflow Water Distiller (and therefore can’t as yet review the product itself), I did quite a bit of online research before settling on this particular brand/make of water distiller, and I chose Living Whole as a potential distributer (a decision based on their ‘About Us’ section—which I recommend potential customers read—in addition to the excellent reviews posted above).
      After having had the good fortune of speaking to Brett, I can understand why every single reviewer left a 5-star rating. He was extremely generous with his time on the phone, answering all the questions I had in a very genuine and humbly expert manner. It became instantly clear to me that he sincerely believes in the quality and associated health-benefits of the products he stocks (and personally uses), so the fact that Brett himself stands behind this particular product was enough for me to confidently place the order and I’m now enthusiastically awaiting its arrival early next week!

    4. Jason

      I’ve had my machine for around 3 months now. I’ve filled 30 litres of distilled water in plastic water containers (for alcohol distilling) , so it’s not essential for me to distill every day ,but I have a gravity filter 10 litres that I keep topped up. I also had a cheap version ,no named brand that lasted all of 2 months, it came cracked and after 2 month’s failed to work, couldn’t get a refund either. The Springflow on the other hand is exceptional machine, I have the highest confidence in it. From the machine to jug, it’s absolutely excellent and extremely necessary for my life style. I also have a air still for alcohol distilling both go hand in hand, as the spring flow distills water at a much faster rate and I think much more thoroughly. Well done Living Whole. Very impressed. Thanks.

    5. Tammy Jinariu

      I have owned my Megahome water distiller for just under a year and a half, I use it daily as I love knowing I am now drinking clean water that is free from harmful chemicals. It is unfortunate that my distiller unit ended up showing a manufacturing fault which was noticed outside of warranty. I contacted Brett at Living Whole and he was very good, actually he was excellent and he kindly offered to replace my distiller base for me. I received it today and so happy to be able to have my clean and clear water again.
      I can’t thank Brett enough, his service was second to none and he showed me great customer care, if you are wanting a distiller this is an excellent one to buy and your best buy is from Brett and the team at Living Whole, they will look after you if you ever have any questions or needs. Top marks and massive thanks to Brett.

    6. Nat

      I’ve had this unit for 6 months. It’s excellent. Very easy to use & good value for money. No problems with it at all!

    7. Adrian Miles

      Excellent product. Fast delivery. You will need a phillips head screwdriver to put the Glass container together but it’s easy . I put it on overnight and it’s ready for me in the morning. It’s easy to clean with the included descaler. Just don’t let it go too long without cleaning as you’ll need to run it through the descaler a couple of times.

    8. Ryan Dawson

      Delivery was quick. Comes well packed and exactly as described. Very happy with the quality of the water we’re getting. One thing to note is that Megahome water distillers are actually sold as Springflow in Australia.

    9. Trish Nelson

      I couldn’t be happier with it and I’m grateful that I don’t have to carry water back from the supermarket anymore. It does look well built and it comes with all the right Australian plugs.

    10. Julian Walker

      This is my 2nd water distiller. The 1st was a cheaper unit that looked similar but didn’t last. I’ve had this one 3 months now and it’s significantly better. I give it a quick clean out after each use because our tap water is very hard. Overall a good quality product and it was delivered within a week.

    11. Scott Harvey

      I don’t take the time to write reviews, but I’m so impressed with the quality of our water now that we’re using it. It’s convenient, it’s reliable and it’s easy to maintain. If you want clean water that tastes great, don’t hesitate. This water distiller and my juicer are front and center in my kitchen.

    12. Jess Harper

      More than happy with this product. After a few days of drinking distilled water I really noticed how bad our town water tasted. How could I not taste that all these years? It felt expensive when I bought it but now I feel like I’ve invested in my health.

    13. Ollie Campbell

      Can recommend. Does what it’s supposed to do and I haven’t had any issues. Thx.

    14. Liam Wilkie

      We’re in an area of South Australia that has really poor water quality and the water distiller is a big part of our kitchen. We’ve had a few and this one is by far the best. Happy to recommend it.

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