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Mockmill 100 Australia Flour Mill

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The Mockmill 100 Australia stone grain mill is an excellent flour mill for home use.  The vast majority of our customers that are looking for a quality electric stone grain mill at an affordable price will be very satisfied with the Mockmill 100.

  • Make fresh flour conveniently when you want
  • The Mockmill 100 can mill all grains including wheat, rye, ancient grains, dried legumes, chickpeas, quinoa, plus dry spices, and more
  • Powerful 360 Watt industrial strength motor
  • Easy operation
  • Simple to clean
  • Produces 100 grams / minute on the finest setting
  • Up to 25 minutes of continuous milling (enough for 2.5kg of flour)
  • Smooth coarseness adjustments from coarse to very fine
  • Milling stone made of corundum-ceramic
  • Made in Germany to the highest standards
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Designed by Wolfgang Mock

The Mockmill 100 grain mill is capable of milling 100 grams of flour per minute and most customers will generally mill 1-2 kg of flour at a time for their domestic use.  It is recommended to give the Mockmill 100 a break after 20-25 minutes of continuous use and this is more than enough to complete this amount.

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Mockmill 100 Grain Mill Specifications

  • Grain Mill Output: 100 grams / minute on the finest setting
  •  Millstone diameter: 90mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 1,100 grams
  • Motor Specification: 240 Volts, 50 Hertz, 360 Watts
  • 6 Year Guarantee
  • Housing: ARBOBLEND® (Made from renewable materials)
  • Coarseness setting: coarse to very fine

Suitable Grains, Seeds & Spices for Milling

Please see the milling table for details on the specifics of which grains, legumes and spices the Mockmill 100 can mill.

Mockmill 100 User Manual

How does the Mockmill 100 work?

The Mockmill 100 uses a simple grain milling mechanism to grind the grain between 2 stone plates.  Depending on how far apart those plates are determines how fine or coarse your flour will be.  Essentially the Mockmill 100 is designed to mill dry grain, seeds and spices and is not suited to milling oily or wet products.  In some circumstances you will be a able to mill oily seeds, however they will need to mixed in with a very high proportion of complimentary dry product.

How do you use the Mockmill 100?

The Mockmill 100 is a very well designed and sturdy electric stone grain mill.  That being said, if you’re moving the Mockmill 100 don’t carry it by the flour spout or the hopper.  Always ensure you lift it by the base of the grain mill itself.  It’s very important to read the instructions that come with your Mockmill 100 stone grain mill.

  • The 1st step to begin using your Mockmill 100 will be too loosen the adjustment lever that determines the how coarse or fine your flour will be and move it to the number 1 position.  Tighten the lever again and move it to the number 10 position.
  • You will then need to clean the grain mill stones.  Turn on the mill whilst at position 10 and measure out 1/3 of a cup of white rice. Add the rice to the hopper and mill the rice.  Once milled move the coarseness lever adjustment to number 7 and mill the rice twice more.
  • The next step will be to calibrate the grain mill and we’ve provided a simple to follow video explanation above that you’ll be able to follow to ensure that you’ll be able to easily calibrate your Mockmill 100 at any time.
  • Once the mill has been calibrated you are now ready to begin using your grain mill.

Calibrating the Mockmill 100?

How do you clean the Mockmill 100?

The Mockmill 100 is very easy to clean.  Providing you haven’t glazed the stones using an oily seed of some sort you can use the simple steps below.

  1. Take a handful regular white rice (not parboiled) and mill it on number 10.
  2. If the rice hasn’t been milled completely, tighten the adjustment lever a a little and and mill the rice again.

How do you open the Mockmill 100?

  1. Disconnect the power and remove the hopper.  To do this you will need to remove the coarseness adjustment lever counter clockwise until fully removed.
  2. Then press in the 2 tabs at the rear of the Mockmill 100 whilst lifting up at the same time.  Ensure you don’t use too much pressure pushing.  Use just enough for to release the lock on the hopper.
  3. You can now open the milling chamber by turning the large round cap counter clockwise and this will reveal the stator (top stone).
  4. Remove the stator (top mill stone) to reveal the bottom stone (rotor) which is attached the grain mill’s motor shaft.
  5. To close the mill, place the stator (top stone) back in place and screw the large round cap back on again.  It should take 2-3 turns until you feel a strong resistance.  Then turn the cap 1/4 of a turn back.  Turn the power back on to the Mockmill 100 and tighten the cap further until you hear a slight ticking noise.
  6. To reattach the hopper switch of the power to the grain mill and disconnect from the power point.  The segment to which the lever was screwed into should be moved back into the middle of the right hand side of the grain mill.
  7. Recalibrate the mill as shown in the setup and calibration video above.
1. Unscrew the adjustment lever
1. Unscrew the adjustment lever
2. Removing the Hopper
2. Removing the Hopper
3. Opening the milling chamber
3. Opening the milling chamber
4. Remove Stator (top stone)
4. Remove Stator (top stone)
5. Closing the milling chamber
5. Closing the milling chamber
6. Reattach the hopper
6. Reattach the hopper
7. Recalibrate the Mockmill 100
7. Recalibrate the Mockmill 100

What is the difference between the Mockmill 100 and the Mockmill Professional 200?

There are  few differences between the Mockmill 100 and the Mockmill Professional 200. The Mockmill 100 is the entry level electric stone grain mill designed primarily for domestic use.  The Mockmill Professional 200 is designed for non-stop use grinding larger quantities of grains.  The Mockmill 100 has a 360 Watt motor in comparison to Mockmill Professional 200 that boasts a 600 Watt motor.

The 2 grain mills also differ in the amount of flour that is output per minute.  The Mockmill 100 is capable of producing 100 grams of flour per minute whereas the Mockmill Professional 200 can deliver 200 grams per minute.

There is also a significant difference in terms of warranty.  The Mockmill 100 has a 6 year warranty on purely domestic use and the Mockmill Professional 200 is backed by a 12 year domestic use warranty and a 2 year commercial use warranty.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions26 × 23.5 × 44 cm

2 reviews for Mockmill 100 Australia Flour Mill

  1. Rae Lloyd-Jones

    PS. And the service from Brett at Living Whole was superb! He went above and beyond to get the mill to us a bit quicker than usual, and we look forward to dealing with Living Whole again 🙂

    • Living Whole

      Thanks so much Rae. Really appreciate you taking the time to write this.

  2. Rae Lloyd-Jones

    I LOVE this mill! We live in a small van, so a small mill that doesn’t take much room was a must. (It also fits perfectly into a 20litre Aussie Made Handy Pail for storage, with a little cushion foam tucked in around it, so it travels very well!) I have a hand-wind stone mill which takes ages to get enough flour for 1 loaf of bread. The Mockmill 100 is fast, easy to use, easy to calibrate, and appears very well made. At only 300watt it’s also no drain on our van battery/solar power system. We’ve been using it for 3-4 weeks now, and so far we are very impressed with this affordable stone mill.

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