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Reverse Osmosis Tanks

  • 100% Food Grade Certified Inner Lining
  • High-Grade Diaphragm
  • Certified to ANSI/ NSF 58
  • CE Approved
  • Maintenance Free


Experience Purity with Our Premium Reverse Osmosis Tanks

Perfect for our Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System these reverse-osmosis tanks are meticulously constructed. The inner tank liner is made from virgin polypropylene. A high-grade chlorobutyl diaphragm and patented stainless steel water connectors are utilized to prevent contamination. Each diaphragm undergoes post-curing before assembly, ensuring water stays pure, odorless, and fresh. The exterior domes are deep-drawn from durable steel and precision welded at the seams for maximum structural integrity. Multiple quality control checks are conducted during production to validate strength and performance. Sealed brass air valves and O-ring-sealed caps create an airtight chamber that maintains optimal pressure indefinitely, eliminating the need for manual air pressure checks and routine maintenance.
With our reverse osmosis tanks, enjoy water in its purest form—free of contaminants and with a refreshing taste. Their unparalleled quality ensures years of outstanding performance and reliable purity.


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3 Sizes to Suit Your Needs


Please note that the stated volume refers to the water storage capacity, not the total tank capacity. 


Understanding Reverse Osmosis Tank Capacity

The Under Sink Reverse Osmosis tanks operate with a combination of air and water. When completely full, approximately 30–40% of the tank capacity is taken up by compressed air. This air cushion serves to pressurize the tank and deliver water on demand. The air component is essential for proper tank function and performance.
Be sure to account for this air cushion when determining the appropriate tank size for your reverse osmosis system’s needs. The water storage volume provides a more exact measure of the usable water the tank can provide between refills.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions about reverse osmosis tank capacities and how to select the ideal size for your filtration application.

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5 Litre, 8 Litre, 11 Litre


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