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    Sprite High Output Shower Filter Australia

    The Sprite High Output Shower Filter is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a shower filter in Australia that’s well built, has excellent performance and has economical running costs.

    The sprite shower filter simply attaches to your existing shower fittings, ensuring that you won’t be inhaling Chlorine in a confined space and absorbing it through your skin. The Sprite High Output Shower Filter makes your hair noticeably softer and is a real benefit for people who have problems with dandruff, allergies, eczema & dry or sensitive skin.

    This shower water filter has a cartridge that is reversible and a replacement life of approximately 12 months.  The Sprite High Output Shower Filter produces excellent quality water for every shower and helps to reduce irritation in many skin conditions.

    This shower water filter is very easy to install and you’ll be able to attach the shower filter between your existing shower head and the shower arm to remove the Chlorine from your shower water conveniently.  If you need a Chlorine shower filter that does that job the Sprite High Output Shower Filter is literally best shower filter for chlorine you’ll find on the market.

    • Easy installation on any 1/2″ BSP thread (Standard for Australian homes)
    • Includes 1 x 12 month filter cartridge.
    • Chrome metal finish
    • High-capacity filter
    • Quality strong metal housing built in the USA
    • Cartridge life span of 12 months
    • Reversible shower filter cartridge
    • Chlorgon™ and KDF  filtration system
    • Removes Free Chlorine (CI-)
    • Removes Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
    • Removes rust from pipes (Iron Oxide)
    • Removes Lead (trace amounts can remain)
    • Removes dirt & sediment
    • Removes odours
    • FREE DELIVERY of the Sprite Shower Filter in Australia

    This is the world’s only NSF standard approved shower filter.

    $125.00 inc. GST

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    What are the Benefits of the Sprite High Output Shower Filter?

    • Effective removal of Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron Oxide, Dir, Sediment & Odours
    • 12 Month cartridge life (based on a family of 4)
    • Reversible cartridge
    • Attaches to your existing shower arm
    • Helps with dandruff, allergies, dry & sensitive skin
    • High capacity filtration
    • Very strong filter housing for durability

    How long will the Sprite High Output Shower Filter Cartridge Last?

    The shower filter capacity is 112,500 Litres.  If you do the calculations:

    • The average shower flow rate is approx. 10 litres / minute.  
    • Allow a family of 4 to each have a 7.5 minute shower, this equates to 10 Litres x 30 minutes each day, so 300 Litres.
    • 300 Litres per day x 365 days = 109,500 Litres
    • This gives a solid 12 months of shower water filtration

    The sprite shower filter cartridge replacements can be purchased here.

    Sprite High Output Shower Filter Installation

    To install the Sprite High Output Shower Filter:

    • remove existing shower arm
    • connect the 1/2″ female end  to 1/2″ male wall pipe
    • then reconnect existing shower arm to 1/2″ male end of shower filter.
    Sprite High Output Shower Filter Installation Example
    Sprite High Output Shower Filter Installation Example

    Additional information

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    Dimensions12 × 7 × 7 cm


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