• Twin Benchtop Water Filter with fluoride removal replacement pack

Twin Countertop Fluoride Removal Replacement Filter Set

Replacement filter set for our Doulton Twin Countertop Water Filter with fluoride removalReplacement filters only.  Does not include the filter housing or connections.

Doulton Ultracarb Water Filter Replacement Suitable for Twin Countertop Water Filter - 9 Inch

The Doulton Ultracarb water filter utilises a two-stage filtration process to purify water:

Outer Ceramic Shell:

  • Manufactured from proprietary Sterasyl® ceramic material with submicron pores that mechanically trap particulates, sediment, bacteria, cysts, and turbidity through size exclusion.
  • Incorporates trace levels of silver that act as a bacteriostatic agent to inhibit bacterial growth within the shell.

Inner Filtration Core:

  • Contains highly adsorbent, activated carbon made from NSF-certified coconut shells to reduce chlorine, organic compounds, and improve taste/odor.
  • Also includes ion exchange resin beads designed to attract, bind, and remove dissolved heavy metals like lead and zinc.

By combining filtration in the outer shell with filtration in the inner core, this candle filter provides extensive removal of particulates, pathogens, chlorine, organics, and metals for optimized water quality and safety.

Fluoride Water Filter Replacement Suitable for Twin Countertop Water Filter - 9 Inch

Fluoride filter cartridge suitable for our Doulton Twin Countertop Water Filter with fluoride removal.

The Activated Alumina Cartridge utilizes a highly porous filter media to selectively adsorb fluoride ions, resulting in effective fluoride reduction from water sources.

The fine-mesh Activated Alumina contains an abundance of micro-pores with a high surface area. As water passes through, fluoride ions are drawn to and attach to the porous media's oxidized surface sites through a chemical/physical adsorption process.

Each pore and surface site acts as an adsorption point to capture free fluoride ions, systematically removing them from the water. This process leads to thorough fluoride reduction of up to 99.9%.

Through the selective adsorption capacities of the Activated Alumina, the cartridge provides an efficient method for decreasing concerning levels of fluoride often present in public water supplies. The media chemically attracts and binds the fluoride ions to deliver water with significantly reduced fluoride content.

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