• Ultraceram Water Filter Fluoride Removal Cartridge

UltraCeram Water Filter Fluoride Removal Cartridge Candle

The UltraCeram water filter utilises an innovative multi-stage filtration system for enhanced water purification:

  • The outer shell is made of silver-infused ceramic micro pores that provide mechanical filtration to reduce particulates, sediment, and pathogenic cysts.
  • Inside is a core of highly adsorbent media made from NSF certified coconut shell activated carbon as well as proprietary materials. This provides chemical filtration to reduce contaminants through adsorption.
  • The porous ceramic shell enables sufficient contact time between water and the inner adsorbent core. This allows for effective reduction of chlorine, chloramine, volatile organic compounds, lead, mercury, arsenic, and fluoride.
  • The cleanable ceramic shell coupled with the inner activated carbon core provides dual-action filtration to help improve taste, odor, and reduce health-related contaminants.

Verified Filtration Performance of the Ultraceram Water Filter

The UltraCeram® gravity water filter has undergone rigorous third-party testing based on NSF protocols to validate its filtration capabilities. Testing has verified the Ultraceram® effectively reduces:

  • Fluoride 97%+
  • Chloramines 99%+
  • Bacteria 99.99%
  • Cysts, Giardia & Cryptosporidium 99.99%
  • Sediment 99.99%
  • Chlorine 99%
  • Lead 99%
  • Metals- Aluminium, Iron, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc 98%
  • Herbicides 99%
  • Nitrates 92%

This comprehensive testing provides confidence in the Ultra Ceram water filter’s real-world performance for critical drinking water contaminants. Both the cleanable ceramic shell and the inner activated carbon core work synergistically to remove a wide array of particulate, microbial and chemical contaminants through both mechanical filtration and adsorption mechanisms. With its certified filtration capabilities, the UltraCeram water filter will deliver exceptional filtration and is practically unsurpassed as a fluoride water filter.

Suitable for our British Berkefeld Water Filter. and gravity benchtop water filters with a 12.5mm hole.

Water Filtration Capacity: 2000 Litres or every 6 – 12 months when water flow slows.

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