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Welcome to our range of rain water tank filters. Our filters offer an affordable, convenient, and high-quality way to purify your drinking water.

Capture the power of nature with our high-performance rainwater tank filters. Engineered to remove contaminants and deliver clean, fresh water, our filters are built to last. Featuring durable housings, impressive flow rates, and being tested to rigorous industry standards, our rain water filtration solutions ensure your harvested rainwater is safe and ready for a variety of uses around your home. 

Rain Water Tank Filter

The Absolute Best Rain Water Tank Filters

When it comes to rain water tank filters, we believe that we offer the absolute best products on the market. Our rain tank filter offer the best combination of quality, efficiency, and affordability. When you’re after the best rainwater tank filtration for your home or office, we have the perfect option for you.

The Best Filter for Rain Water Tank

Rainwater may seem inherently clean, but the reality is that it can easily become contaminated once stored in a rain tank. Leaves, debris, algae, bacteria, and even small animals can all find their way into your rain tank, compromising the quality and safety of your water. Without proper rain water tank filtration this contaminated water cannot be safely used for drinking, posing a threat to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Choose from our range of rain water tank filters, including benchtop water filters and undersink water filters that are the perfect choice for home and office use.  Experience the difference in the quality of your drinking water. With our rainwater tank filter, you can enjoy delicious, clean, healthy and safe water conveniently and cost-effectively.

Do I need a filter on my rainwater tank?

The water in your storage tank is not necessarily clean and safe for use without proper filtration. Leaves, dirt, insects, and heavy metals can easily make their way into the tank, compromising the water quality. A high-performance rainwater tank filter is essential for removing these pollutants and ensuring your harvested water is potable for drinking. Don’t take chances with untreated tank water – equip your system with the right filter for maximum purity and peace of mind. Our filters use patented and certified technologies that have been tested for their efficiency in removing these contaminants from water.

What is the best filtration for rain water?

For comprehensive rainwater purification, a multi-stage approach is recommended. Sediment and Carbon filters are ideal for in-house use, removing impurities and improving taste for drinking water. Complementing this, a UV treatment system on the rainwater tank itself effectively neutralizes bacteria and microorganisms. Together, this rainwater tank filter setup ensures your harvested water is clean, safe, and ready for consumption. 

How do you filter rainwater into a tank?

Effectively filtering rainwater before it enters your storage tank requires a multi-step approach. First, install a mesh screen or filter at the tank inlet to capture large debris like leaves and twigs. For comprehensive rain water tank filtration, add a UV light treatment system – this uses ultraviolet radiation to neutralize bacteria and microorganisms by preventing their reproduction. Finally, consider incorporating an in-line carbon filter to remove any lingering impurities and improve the taste. This combination of mechanical filtration, UV disinfection, and activated carbon ensures your harvested rainwater is clean, safe, and ready for all household uses.

How Long Do Rainwater Filters Last?

The lifespan of a filter for rainwater tank can vary, but most high-quality rainwater tank water filters will provide 12-24 months of reliable use before needing replacement. Factors like water volume, contaminant levels, and filter type all impact longevity. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your rainwater filtration equipment is key to ensuring optimal performance and prolonging its service life.

How Often Should Rainwater Tanks Be Cleaned?

Routine cleaning is essential for maintaining the integrity of your rainwater storage tank. As a general guideline, tanks should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year. This helps remove accumulated sediment, debris, and microbial growth that can compromise water quality. More frequent cleaning may be required if the tank is heavily soiled or experiences high usage.

What Can I Put in My Water Tank to Keep it Clean?


To help maintain a clean, well-functioning rainwater tank, consider adding products like chlorine tablets or hydrogen peroxide. These act as disinfectants, killing off bacteria and algae growth. You can also use a tank cleaner solution specifically formulated for rainwater systems. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is crucial for effective and safe tank treatment.