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Using a Water Distiller to Effectively Remove Lead from Drinking Water

Using a Water Distiller to Effectively Remove Lead from Drinking Water

Lead contamination in drinking water remains a health concern. Even small amounts of lead can be harmful, especially for children. While many filtration methods like reverse osmosis and carbon fluoride water filters help reduce lead, distillers provide maximum lead removal. Read on to learn why water distillers are so effective for removing lead from drinking water.

How Lead Gets Into Drinking Water

The main source of lead in tap water is contact with lead service pipes and lead-containing brass plumbing fixtures. Lead leaches into the water chemically. Household sources include lead solder, valves, and faucets.

Health Dangers of Lead

Lead is a neurotoxin that builds up in the body over time. Even small amounts are unsafe. Short-term exposure can cause digestive issues and developmental problems in children. Long-term lead consumption causes cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and other serious health risks.

Why Water Distillers Effectively Remove Lead


Distillers work by heating water into steam and then condensing the steam back into pure distilled water. This process provides 100% effective lead removal for two key reasons:

  1. Lead cannot evaporate into steam: The boiling point of lead is extremely high. So lead remains in the original chamber and is separated from the distilled water.
  1. Molecular breakdown: The high heat also destroys any organic lead compounds, reducing lead to elemental form for safe removal.

Other Benefits of Water Distillers

In addition to completely removing lead, countertop water distillers and countertop water purifiers provide other advantages:

  • Eliminate numerous other heavy metals, like mercury and arsenic.
  • Remove almost all other inorganic and organic water contaminants.
  • Destroy and remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Produce pure water with 99.9%+ of impurities and toxins removed.

For effective protection against lead and a wide array of other drinking water contaminants, water distillers are an ideal solution. Gravity fed water filters and under sink water filters, like the best reverse osmosis water filters, also help reduce lead. But for maximum lead removal, water distillers are unmatched. Their simple, reliable technology provides healthy, pure lead-free water for your home.