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Clean, pure water is essential for health. Our wide selection of water filtration systems can provide you with contaminant-free water right at home.

We offer benchtop water filters, under sink water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, fluoride water filters and gravity water filters. These systems use effective filtration methods like reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and ion exchange. They reduce or remove contaminants including lead, chlorine, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and more.

With our water filters, you can enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water from every tap. Discover the right filtration system for your needs and start appreciating water like never before. Our water filters provide an affordable and convenient way to improve your home’s water quality.

Water Filters

Browse our comprehensive range of water filters

Finding the right water filter for your needs is easy with our diverse selection of filtration systems. Whether you rent or own your home, we have convenient and affordable options to improve your water quality.

Contact us anytime if you need help selecting the ideal water filtration system for your home and family. We’re happy to answer any questions and ensure you find the perfect filter for purer, cleaner water.

  • For simple, on-demand filtration, our compact countertop models are a great choice.
  • If you want to filter all the water at your kitchen sink, under sink systems easily install under your counter and out of sight.
  • Reverse osmosis filters use a thorough multi-stage process to reduce up to 99% of contaminants, making them ideal for high chemical removal.
  • Portable gravity water filters provide effective filtration with zero installation using just gravity and no electricity.
  • We also offer specialised fluoride filters to reduce fluoride levels for those concerned about their intake.

With our wide range of filtration technologies and products, you can find the perfect water filter to meet your specific needs and budget.

Under Sink Water Filters

For top of the line water filtration, our under sink water filters are the gold standard. Installed discreetly below your sink, these high-performance systems filter all the water at your kitchen tap.

Under sink filters connect directly to your water supply to filter water used for drinking, cooking, washing, and more. They utilise multi-stage filtration with sediment filters, activated carbon blocks, reverse osmosis, and other advanced media. This thorough process reduces lead, VOCs, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other impurities, delivering cleaner, better-tasting water on demand.

With an under sink filter, you don’t have to wait for filtered water – just turn on your faucet. And the system installs neatly out of sight for seamless filtration. If you want whole-home filtration simplified, an under sink water filter is the ultimate choice. Enjoy purer, contaminant-free water right from your sink.

Benchtop Water Filters

For easy, affordable water filtration, benchtop water filter systems are a convenient choice. These compact units sit right on your countertop and connect to your faucet or are manually filled to provide filtered water when you need it.

Benchtop filters are ideal for apartments, rentals, offices, or anywhere with limited space. They require no complex installation since they don’t go under your sink. Most use multi-stage filtration with activated carbon block and other advanced technologies to reduce contaminants like lead, chlorine, mercury, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, and fluoride.

Countertop filter cartridges are simple to replace, so you get maximum filtration consistently. And the systems take up minimal space while delivering cleaner, better-tasting water on demand. For an affordable upgrade at home or the office, a benchtop water filter is a great option to improve your tap water quality with ease.

Fluoride Water Filters

If you’re looking to reduce fluoride levels in your water, we offer a variety of specialised water filtration systems to remove fluoride. These systems use advanced technologies like ion exchange resins, activated alumina, and reverse osmosis and distillation to selectively filter out fluoride.

For countertop convenience, our benchtop fluoride filters provide on-demand fluoride reduction. For tidy point of use fluoride filtration, we recommend under sink fluoride systems installed below your sink to filter water on demand.

Reverse osmosis systems and water distillers also offer thorough fluoride removal. And for a portable option, our gravity fluoride filters require no installation.

With the right fluoride filtration system, you can decrease fluoride while retaining healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. This gives you purer, cleaner water without excess fluoride.

Whether you need countertop, under sink, whole-home, or portable fluoride filtration, we have effective systems to remove fluoride and improve your water quality. Contact us to find the ideal fluoride filter for your needs.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

For the purest filtered water available, reverse osmosis water filters deliver unmatched filtration. RO filters use multi-stage filtration with a semipermeable membrane to reduce contaminants down to microscopic sizes.

The RO membrane has pores small enough to filter out particles larger than water molecules, including lead, bacteria, arsenic, fluoride, and more. Pre-filters first trap sediment, chlorine, and other particles that could clog the delicate membrane.

This advanced process removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids, giving you exceptionally pure water for drinking and cooking. Our tankless RO systems also maximize efficiency and conserve water.

If your tap water contains high chemical levels or you want superior filtration, explore our reverse osmosis systems. With flexible installation options and stylish faucets, it’s easy to add advanced RO filtration to any home. RO delivers the cleanest, purest water to keep your family healthy.

Gravity Water Filters

Gravity water filters provide high-quality tap water filtration without any installation required. These self-contained systems conveniently sit on your countertop and use gravity to filter water through multiple stages.

Water first passes through a sediment pre-filter to trap particles. It then flows through an activated carbon block filter to reduce chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, and other major contaminants. The filtered water is then easily dispensed from the unit’s tap.

Gravity systems are an excellent choice when you want cleaner, better-tasting water without any permanent installation. Their countertop design makes them easy to set up and use anywhere. Just fill the filter, and gravity does the work to remove contaminants.

For quality tap water filtration with zero installation, gravity water filters are an ideal option. Experience the benefits of filtered water with these convenient, self-contained systems.

Rain Water Tank Filters

Harness the natural purity of rainwater for all your household needs with our advanced Rain Water Tank Filters. Designed to remove sediments, chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants and impurities, our filters ensure you have access to clean, safe water always.

Our range of durable filters utilizes multi-stage filtration systems, combining cutting-edge technology with heavy-duty construction to deliver unparalleled performance. With various micron ratings and designs available, you can select the ideal filter to meet your specific water quality requirements.

Easy to install and maintain, our rain water tank filters provide a hassle-free solution for pristine water right at your fingertips. Upgrade your rainwater harvesting system today and experience the difference our premium filters can make in your daily water quality and consumption.