Hand Grain Mill – Farina – Manual Stone Grain Mill

The Farina hand grain mill is a standout manual grain mill.  Great hand mills should be a pleasure to use and the Farina manual stone grain mill is exactly that.  This hand flour mill is the top of the range stone hand mill in Australia.

  • Produces a minimum of 35 grams / minute on the finest setting
  • Simple coarseness adjustment made by turning the timber dial on the hand mill
  • Self sharpening Corundum-Ceramic mills stones
  • Heavy duty clamp for attaching to a bench or table
  • Solid and stable design that grips with small rubber pads
  • Strong handle with rotating timber grip on a single ball race
  • Solid Larch wooden housing
  • Hopper capacity 450 grams
  • Very simple setup
  • 5 Year Warranty

The design of the farina is both simple and elegant.  The quality components and solid build make it perfect for everyday use.  It’s compact size is excellent for travel and survival purposes.  The operation of this hand grain mill is easy enough for children to operate under supervision.  The Farina manual stone grain mill is a proven design with 25 years of history.  It’s dependable and can be used for anything from slightly cracked grains and coarse garnishes up to fine flour for pastries and breads.

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$455.00 inc. GST



Why use a hand mill to grind your own flour?

Having the ability to grind your own flour gives you access to the nutrition that whole grains have provided for much of our existence.  The taste difference is something that needs to be experienced and cannot be replicated with processed flours.  You’ll get the full benefit of the whole grain minerals and enzymes that has been removed from most processed flours.

What’s the difference between hand grain mills & electric grain mills?

The most obvious difference is the hand grain mills don’t require electricity.  That makes them perfect for use where there is no power or emergency situations.  The next obvious difference is size.  Manual stone grain mills are relatively compact and don’t require much space.  Hand mills are also slower than their electric counterparts but quality designs like the Farina still produce quality flour output at finer settings.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 29 cm


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